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Booking Major Acts Overseas for New Concert Promoters

The type of entertainment buyer we are about to describe may not be you, but if you have little or no record producing concerts overseas, especially in third world countries, we would ask you to read how we do business at Entertainment Resource Group.

If you DO have a verifiable track record buying Western Talent, then you will not have a problem with the guidelines we are going to lay out so this is really not directed towards you.

Fact: All of the major agencies in the USA and the UK have regular promoters they have dealt with in the past in YOUR country. Promoters they can trust.

If you are coming to us with an offer and have no track record, even if you bring me a suitcase filled with cash, you may not get the artist you are looking to book.

And, if you are asking for a Super Star, “A-List”, Million Dollar Act and you are not established with a major USA agency, it may not happen for you. You may need to partner with an established promoter.

The artist’s manager needs to have peace of mind before putting them on a plane to your country.

Fact: Offers from Third World Countries with unknown promoters have been fraudulent at times.

We are willing to look at all offers on your behalf, but if you do not have a track record, we will be conducting a due diligence investigation before ever presenting your offer to the artist. You will also have to send a small earnest deposit.

Fact: Entertainment Resource Group has been in business for 30 years and will do everything in our power to protect ourselves, the artists and the ticket buying audiences.

If you truly want to get into the concert production market and can back up your intentions with what we ask, then we will work to establish a relationship with you.

Guidelines to doing business with Entertainment Resource Group

1) Understand, we are YOUR agent. We have access to any artist. It is our job to create a contract between you and the artist directly. This is important because many agents buy the artist at one price and mark it up 10% to 25% before reselling them to you. Basically, there are US agents that will take advantage of you because you are overseas.

2) Fill out the Offer Form COMPLETELY, located at the bottom of this page. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

3) We always know where offers should fall in place and will make contact with you to discuss your options after reviewing the offer form.

Keep in mind your offer amount may need to include Travel expenses and air freight in addition to the Rider.

4) If you have promoted other artists we may ask you for additional details as all of the past deals of most artists are in a special database we and the reps have access to. If you have not promoted any other concerts we will be asking you more questions.

5) Once you are ready to make a FIRM offer, after you have filled out the form completely, we will send you a one page offer agreement that you will sign and fax back AND you will have to wire a small (2% to 10%) refundable deposit with your Firm Offer.

The deposit works like this…

Until you have established a working relationship with Entertainment Resource Group, we will be asking you for an earnest deposit which equates to our fee, if we are successful at getting you the artist you are making an offer on. This shows us you are serious about your offer and protects us if you back out of the deal. Plus this allows us to tell the artist’s representative that you have placed a good faith deposit. Most reps figure if you can’t come up with a few thousand dollars, how do you intend to pay the 50% artist deposit once the contract is issued.

If we are not successful in securing that artist, your deposit is refunded unless you choose to convert it to a retainer, to represent your other entertainment interests in the USA.

If you are not willing to sign a formal offer form and back it up with a deposit, we are not doing business together.

6) If the artist or artist rep accepts your offer, they will issue a contract that we will forward to you. Usually the contract has to be signed and sent to the artist rep with a 50% deposit. If you do not have that 50% in the bank, do not make an offer.

7) If a contract is generated and you don’t sign and send back with the deposit you will lose your earnest deposit and ruin your reputation with the USA Agent community.

8) In the USA, usually the remaining balance is not paid until the artist arrives at the venue, but for overseas bookings, the artist could ask for the balance to be placed in an escrow account just prior to the travel date.

9) Unless your overseas date is a routed tour stop, be prepared to pay for airfare, cargo and backline in addition to your offer.

10) We do not send artists to international locations on the State Department Travel Advisory List

Please don’t let this page be a discouragement. We have to protect the artists and our business interests.

We look forward to representing you.

Offer Form - Please fill out completely.


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