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A native of Czechoslovakia, Ivana Trump was educated in the public schools ...

Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
Glasgow's art-damaged rock quartet Franz Ferdinand -- named for the Austro-...

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Concert Management

Entertainment Resource Group is a full service concert management and entertainment production company with strategic partnerships with a full inventory of sound reinforcement and staging equipment. Specializing in concert tours, trade shows, corporate, and other special events, We are well known for creating events that reach their maximum potential. From innovative concepts and designs through coordinating every stage of production, we provide our clients the tools to communicate effectively with their audience. We combine our dedicated, motivated, and highly experienced team with the finest equipment available to achieve unparalleled success for its clients.

Our “Commitment to the Senses” is more than just a tag line. Every detail is taken seriously. Starting with the visuals, we make sure the audience experiences the sensation the client wants to project – simple or complex. Next, our sound reinforcement technology immerses the audience through its crystal clarity. Finally, our careful, personal attention throughout the event is consistent. Thus, our planning, preparation and follow through ensure a successful convergence of all aspects of the production. We do not allow any detail to be left unresolved, period.

For over 30 years, our production team consists of genuinely dedicated, hard working individuals. Our first priority is providing the highest level of professional service while delivering a personalized and friendly creative environment to all parties. Our team consistently reinforces and integrates excellence into every event, large and small.

Our technical team are leaders in the industry and are focused perfection - from overseeing the complete integration of sound, stage and lighting to individualized mixing on digital and analogue consoles at the Front of House. Our team leader is an artist comfortable in any environment, and while demanding of his staff in every detail of the production, all agree that the events are a source of pride and pleasure for everyone involved.

Sound Reinforcement
We provide sound reinforcement for concert tours, corporate events, trade shows, and other special environments. When a promoter, or production/event manager requires sound reinforcement services for their events, we are available to provide complete, custom-designed audio systems to suit every possible need. We have a complete lineup of the finest audio equipment and technology in the market – ready for installation anywhere from the smallest room to the largest stadiums. From speakers and microphones to consoles and effects racks, our professional engineers and production staff continuously strive to fulfill every desire of the client and performer.

Our concert production staff meets early on with our clients to review the proposed event. Working within budgets, specifications and timeframes, we perform a detailed review of the venue location, designing system arrays with our custom software. Upon the client’s approval, our production team will coordinate all aspects of the event, including stage setup, speaker installations and the monitoring of all sound reinforcement from stage to front of house. Throughout the production process, however, we continue to maintain a focused dialogue with the customer. Through careful planning, preparation and post-event follow, we provide successful events for the most demanding and discriminating of clientele.

Concept & Design
We know that succeeding in an event requires a thorough understanding of the client’s goals and developing those goals into attainable objectives. Our team listens attentively and carefully integrates fresh, innovative ideas to work within the client’s budget and timetable. By conceptualizing these plans onto paper with renderings, and again into 3D visualization on a computer screen, we communicate with all trades to work seamlessly in unison toward the client’s shared vision and ultimate satisfaction


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