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As the lead singer of the Smiths, arguably the most important indie band in...

Lucinda Williams Lucinda Williams
The object of cultish adoration for years, singer/songwriter Lucinda Willia...

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Houstons Ecclesia Church sits on the edge of downtown like a frontier out...

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Minnesota native Peter Himmelman was the leader of a pop/rock quintet cal...

Chuck Mangione Chuck Mangione
Throughout the 1970s, Chuck Mangione was a celebrity. His purposely lightw...

Amina Amina
In the family of Amina Annabi, music was always a female thing. Growing up...

Audiofly Audiofly
Following chance meeting of two aspiring DJ/producers, Anthony Middleton an...

Flaming Lips Flaming Lips
Even within the eclectic world of alternative rock, few bands were so brav...

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About Entertainment Resource Group

ERG is based Las Vegas, Nevada, with representation throughout the world. We specialize in Talent Acquisition, Concert Production and Management, Entertainment Booking, Corporate Event Production and Las Vegas Entertainment Production and Event Support.

Entertainment Booking / Talent Buying

We are not a typical booking agency. We do not participate in "Buy Sell" contracts. We work with venues, casinos and festivals to acquire top name talent, acting as a liaison to negotiate the best rate for our clients directly with the artist or their management. In addition to the artists we represent, and through our association with all major agencies, we can provide virtually ANY major name for your venue. Entertainment Resource Group commands the respect of the entertainment community, and has the purchasing power to negotiate the best price for your event.

Unlike resellers and promoters who mark up the rate to the client with no specific formula, you know what you are paying for the artist. On average, we save our clients 30% annually on their entertainment costs.

Event & Entertainment Management

We are an Event Production Company staging events and concerts. We utilize our established relationships with Artists, major talent agencies, and management companies to provide you with quality entertainment. We provide full logistical support for corporate events including hotel acquisition, event management and stage sound & lighting equipment.

We provide our client peace of mind by bringing together all the talent, experience, and care in portraying your event in an image enhancing light with a spectacular, unforgettably well staged production.

Bottom Line...

We have been in the entertainment booking, concert and event production business for over 30 years. We can meet all of your entertainment booking and production needs though our resources or the resources of our strategic partners and save you money in the process

Who We Are The Polodors Lenny Myers

We are entertainment and management professionals who have been in the entertainment business for over 70 years, beginning with American Records under the Leadership of Richie and Don Podolor, followed by Don's protoge Lenny Myers who envisioned, created and launched Entertainment Resource Group in 1998 to meet the needs of artists in the new internet market. It was always Lenny's vision as an entertainer himself, to hold to the highest integrity while driving profits to the entertainers themselves.

His vision was also to meet the desires of the end customer looking to engage an entertainer for an event and act as their representative so that they could achieve the best deal possible.

Tom Myers Danny Vincent and Lenny Myers Dennis Myers

Working with his bother Tom, a business development consultant and university professor teaching business & leadership (who had been his roadie since the age of ten), along with his business partner and longtime band member Danny Vincent, Lenny set about creating the company that you see today with the help of his cousin Dennis, a high level software development executive. Rest In Peace Brother

Tragicly, we lost Lenny last year. Today his vision continues under the leadership of Tom and Danny, along with the rest of the dedicated staff and board members as well as the Podolors and other industry leaders.

Danny Vincent Danny, as the Chief Opperations Officer, runs the company on a day to day basis. He started in the industry at the tender age of 12, and has not stopped for the last 50 years as singer, song writer, musician, manager, agent, and recording artist. His love of the business and understanding of the in's and out's of the indistry, paired with his connections from artists to the agencies, provides a powerful combination that drives his staff to accomplish great things to meet the needs of our customers.

This industry can be a meat grinder that will drive you mad... we work for you, the buyer, to get you the best deal possible!


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