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Lanae Hale

Lanae Hale

Lanae Hale can be booked through this site. Lanae Hale entertainment booking site. Lanae Hale is available for public concerts and events. Lanae Hale can be booked for private events and Lanae Hale can be booked for corporate events and meetings through this Lanae Hale booking page.

Unlike most middle agents that would mark up the performance or appearance fee for Lanae Hale, we act as YOUR agent in securing Lanae Hale at the best possible price. We go over the rider for Lanae Hale and work directly with Lanae Hale or the responsible agent for Lanae Hale to secure the talent for your event. We become YOUR agent, representing YOU, the buyer.

In fact, in most cases we can negotiate for the acquisition of Lanae Hale for international dates and newer promoters providing you meet professional requirements.

Lanae Hale Biography

Meet Lanae’ (Lah-nay) Hale and you’ll be captured by the vibrant 24- year old singer songwriter whose textured, up-to-date songs, also carry wisdom, soul and spirit well beyond her years.  Hang out and have a chat with Lanae’ and you’ll easily be touched by the warmth and down-to-earth qualities which permeate her expressive music and significant lyrics.

Out of CoCo River, Florida, Lanae’ Hale, who started singing at local churches and trying out her songs in coffeehouses, is the latest addition to the talented stable of artists at Centricity Records. Lanae’s debut and self-penned effort is a 6-song EP that will give you a glimpse into her heart and, most likely, open up yours in the process.

Lanae’ arrived in Nashville from Florida only a year ago. However, she has been getting ready for this moment; practicing, singing, playing and writing, since she was, well, in her words, ‘itty-bitty.’ Raised by a musical family including her dad, who was a singer/songwriter and her mom who often sang in church and local venues, Lanae’ has always had a love for music.

Maybe it’s the struggles in her own life that have given her such a practical sensibility, a refreshing sense of humility and a sweet welcoming smile that is likely to captivate anyone that gets the chance to see and hear her.

When Lanae’ arrived in Nashville, she was not one of those people who went around banging on every door with abandonment trying to get that record deal.  “I really felt like if it was God’s will, then He’d open the doors,” she recalls.

Though raised in the Sunshine State, there was a time when this songstress struggled through days consumed with dark and negative thoughts, only to come out of them discovering vibrancy in her message and music.  “I think I am so excited about things now because I went through a really difficult time, but God brought me through it by His grace.”  

Lanae’ reflects on that period of time when she was not in a good place, sometimes overwhelmed with unhealthy and harmful thoughts. Like a lot of young women Lanae’ felt the enormous pressure of living up to our material world’s 21st Century expectations, and sometimes that pressure sweeps you into a dark corner. “In an effort to escape the emotional pain I felt, I became a cutter.  I tried desperately for three years to fix my broken heart by cutting, but only found myself with deeper scars. If not for the grace of God I may not have made it through.  It was the moment I gave up all control and left my brokenness in the arms of Jesus, that my heart began to undergo deep healing. More than anything else, I would love to help young girls through my music and my own testimony, so they can see the hope and forgiveness for mistakes. There is a chance for healing, and that is through the grace of Jesus Christ. I am a living testimony of that!”

Lanae’ discovered that through God there is always a way out of the darkness and back into the light. “I realized that God loved me.  And that’s my prayer really, that my music will be used to reach people, especially young girls who may happen to be going through some of the same trials that I had to go through.”

On first listening to Lanae’s music, what initially hits you is the versatility and range of her voice. She can be porcelain smooth, soft as a prayer and then grab you with a soulful-jazz tinged growl. She has the rare capacity of creating an infectious hook with a simple change of phrasing or by changing the course of a melody with a crisp, clear vocal punctuation mark. Her voice has such range that it’s easy to imagine her leading a sweet choir one moment or a soulful-warehouse jazz unit the next.  In the song “Stay,” her call to “please stay”, builds from a sweet request to a daunting and desperate plea with the capability to take you to your knees.

The EP opens with the hooky, poppy “Spring Again,” that would sound incredible blasting from your radio speakers and may conjure up comparisons to Sixpence None the Richer or the Cranberries. On “Spring Again,” there’s a lament for the passing of spring, giving way for fallen leaves. In the next track, there’s re-birth as “Alive Again” basks in the comfort of God’s grace.  The production is crisp, yet pleasantly sparse, allowing her voice to be the focal point. This is the kind of music that sounds better and better every time you hear it. Timeless sounding, first-rate songs have that effect. And the best news is that this is Lanae’s first release. We will hopefully be hearing Lanae’s music for a very long time to come.

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