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7th Son

7th Son

7th Son can be booked through this site. 7th Son entertainment booking site. 7th Son is available for public concerts and events. 7th Son can be booked for private events and 7th Son can be booked for corporate events and meetings through this 7th Son booking page.

Unlike most middle agents that would mark up the performance or appearance fee for 7th Son, we act as YOUR agent in securing 7th Son at the best possible price. We go over the rider for 7th Son and work directly with 7th Son or the responsible agent for 7th Son to secure the talent for your event. We become YOUR agent, representing YOU, the buyer.

In fact, in most cases we can negotiate for the acquisition of 7th Son for international dates and newer promoters providing you meet professional requirements.

7th Son Biography

Born from the womb of the Mother City, comes a band like no other, a band that defies parameters and exists on the sharp side of rude, rock, reggae Formed in the summer of 2000, 7th Son quickly grew into an arsenal of acoustics and expanded their backline with the incorporation of some of South Africa's tightest musicians into the mix. 7th Son gained fast popularity, and it wasn't long after the release of their first entirely self-produced album, Fire in the Rain that the band began touring the rest of the country regularly, playing at all major clubs and festivals.

Distributed and play-listed nationwide - 7th Son's second release - These Days recorded in 2006, is a five-track project that captures their unique style beautifully. Each one of the members, with their own individual influences and tendencies, will agree that the strength of the music is in their live performance. There's an unmistakable energy at every 7th Son gig that fuels fans into a frenzy. Brilliant musicianship placed within clever arrangements, makes for a captivating experience. Promoting tolerance, expression and individuality in a really cool way.

7th Son have played numerous Festivals. Headlining at Splashy Fen and the J-Bay Billabong Music Festival in 2006, as well as playing Flux Festival, Up The Creek, Insanity festival, Obs Fest, Long Street Festival, Stellies Rag Fest and Rocking the Daisies 06. 2007 saw the band returning to headline the Billabong Pro and were rated the top band at the Festival by Blunt Magazine, as well as headlining Rocking the Daisies 07, Uprising Festival, Vortex New Year festival and their first Oppikoppi. In 2008, the band has been back to Oppikoppi for their 2nd appearance on the main stage, and again headlined the Uprising festival in Durban, the Billabong pro in Jbay, their first ever Ramfest, and will be headlining Rocking the Daisies in October.

To date, the band has been seen or heard on/in: MTV Australia, MTV Canada, 5fm, SABC, MNET Super Sport, East coast radio, ETV, FHM, SL magazine, Blunt magazine, Salt Water girl, BPM, LMG, RSG, Good Hope fm, Tuks fm, UCT radio, MFM, Bush Radio, KFM, Levi Magazine, Stage magazine, Zig-Zag, as well as publications in local newspapers around the country. They have independently released and sold over 4000 cds nationwide, have recorded a music video which is currently being aired on channel MK89, and remain one of the most sort after South African bands on the internet. Over the last few years 7th Son has acquired various sponsors, which currently include Malibu, Von Zipper sunglasses and Metal Machine. 7th Son has developed an extensive fan base, reaching all parts of the world, and through the use of their website, e-mail listings, MySpace,Facebook etc, it is making headway into Web 2.0 based technology.

The 7th Son brand has recently extended itself to retail items such as clothing and accessories for both men and women. In little time the band is fast becoming a household name, all due to their hard work and dedication.

7th Son is not just a band, its an ever growing brand that has all the necessary tools to achieve worldwide acclaim. 

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