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Blondie Blondie
Blondie was the most commercially successful band to emerge from the much-...

Marc Antoine Marc Antoine
Contemporary jazz guitarist Marc Antoine blends his classical training with...

The Beach Boys The Beach Boys
Beginning their career as the most popular surf band in the nation, the ...

Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson
Frederick Buechner said, “The story of one of us is the story of us all.” P...

Aerosmith Aerosmith
Aerosmith was one of the most popular hard rock bands of the '70s, setting...

Rob Zombie Rob Zombie
The longtime frontman for metal superstars White Zombie, Rob Zombie was bor...

Aaron Watson Aaron Watson
Aaron Watson is the newest kid on the country music scene in Texas and is q...

James Hunter James Hunter
That’s how James Hunter describes the outpouring of praise and acceptance f...

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Booking Entertainment
Book entertainment for your event through Entertainment Resource Group Booking Agency. We are the premier Booking Agency to book entertainment services of top name recording artists, musicians, entertainers, celebrities, comedians, keynote speakers and bands  for your next event. We are YOUR Booking Agent and are here to help you. Our booking agents have longstanding relationships with many of the top artists’ management, entertainment agencies, talent agencies, booking agencies and booking agents to book talent and negotiate the best price to perform for your next concert or event.

We are not a typical booking agency. We do not participate in "Buy Sell" contracts. Unlike resellers and promoters who mark up the artist or band cost to the client with no specific formula, with us you know what you are paying. Generally, when you have a list of artists you are considering and you Google the names, you are going to come up with many sites representing sub agents and promoters. If an artist is going for $20,000 they may quote you from $25,000 to $30,000 for that act. First, this is not a good value for the client and we do not believe in the reseller making more NET then the artist.

We work with venues, concert promoters, corporations, casinos and festivals to book top name talent, acting as YOUR agent to negotiate the best rate for you directly, with the artist or their management. We don't mark up the talent and we only charge you a low percentage talent acquisition fee to act as YOUR agent.
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Concert Management & Production
Entertainment Resource Group is a full service entertainment production company with strategic partnerships with a full inventory of sound reinforcement and staging equipment. Specializing in concert tours, trade shows, corporate, and other special events, We are well known for creating events that reach their maximum potential. From innovative concepts and designs through coordinating every stage of production, we provide our clients the tools to communicate effectively with their audience. We combine our dedicated, motivated, and highly experienced team with the finest equipment available to achieve unparalleled success for its clients.
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Corporate Event Production
We provide complete corporate event planning and corporate event management for companies worldwide. We feature flawless planning and production with a professional corporate event management team that delivers and executes the highest quality event production programs to fit each of our Corporate Client's specific needs. Our pro-active, not re-active approach to detail ensures a successful, exciting and fulfilling corporate event for our clients and their attendees. Our Corporate Event Producers provide the corporate event planning, corporate event management & event production.
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