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Kymani Marley

Kymani Marley

Kymani Marley can be booked through this site. Kymani Marley entertainment booking site. Kymani Marley is available for public concerts and events. Kymani Marley can be booked for private events and Kymani Marley can be booked for corporate events and meetings through this Kymani Marley booking page.

Unlike most middle agents that would mark up the performance or appearance fee for Kymani Marley, we act as YOUR agent in securing Kymani Marley at the best possible price. We go over the rider for Kymani Marley and work directly with Kymani Marley or the responsible agent for Kymani Marley to secure the talent for your event. We become YOUR agent, representing YOU, the buyer.

In fact, in most cases we can negotiate for the acquisition of Kymani Marley for international dates and newer promoters providing you meet professional requirements.

Kymani Marley Biography

What's in a name? It depends on the name in question. Marley . The Marley surname perpetuates Jamaican royalty, resonates world-wide recognition and represents the pioneer of a cultural, political and social revolution. Reggae Icon and Legend Bob Marley  blessed the world with his timeless, brilliant and message filled sound which continues to inspire and influence audiences today. With such a living past, Bob Marley's  conviction and passion for music unintentionally was passed to the lives of his offspring and has allowed the Marley  name to remain relevant amongst the hierarchy of the reggae sound.

Ky-mani Marley is the second youngest of Bob Marley's eleven children. While bearing the Marley name, Ky-mani's childhood told a different story. Settling in America at a young age, Ky-mani was raised in the inner-city living in a 2 bedroom home along with 8 family members. Being exposed to an urban lifestyle, Ky-mani adopted the attitude that all people are equal - no one is above or beneath him. This attitude has become the motto for the way he lives his life today. Humble. Soft-Spoken. Sincere. Loyal. Honest. Genuine. These are the makings of Ky-mani Marley .

As a child Ky-mani had no interest following in the footsteps of his world-famous father and was more inclined to play sports. As a teenager Ky-mani toyed with rapping and deejaying, yet his love for sports would overshadow his inherent musical talent.

However, the seed that was planted by Bob's legacy sprouted in 1997 when Ky-mani teamed up with hip hop artist Pras of The Fugees and collaborated on Eddy Grant's Electric Avenue . This would be the defining moment in Ky-mani's journey which would lead him to pick up the torch his iconic father lit so many years ago. Since, Ky-mani has tapped into his artistic gift and has embraced the idea of sharing his insight through song.

Remaining true to his Jamaican culture, Ky-mani's fondness for all genres of music influences the work he creates. Ky-mani is an artist with no limits. Incorporating world music, hip hop, blues, rock and a grass roots sound into his music, the end product is the pure representation of life for Ky-mani. The Ky-mani Marley sound is one that transcends cultural lines and prohibits him from being categorized as only a reggae artist. His raw, unadulterated, gruff sound captures the listener and reverberates the essence of Ky-mani's life story. Songs such as Dear Dad , I Pray , and Ghetto Soldier display the versatility and fiery-passion Ky-mani exudes when sharing his voyage through song. Peace. One Love. Unity. Street Life. These are the makings of Kymani Marley's music.

Not only has Ky-mani mastered his gift of song, he is also a well-established actor starring in three films to date and a host of offers for future films. The Jamaican film classic, Shottas , One Love and Haven demonstrate Kymani's versatility as an all around entertainer.

With a new energy and revitalized spirit, the future is promising for Ky-mani. With 2 albums recorded to date, Ky-mani is back in the studio recording music that will represent the new chapter in his life journey. The new recordings will continue to highlight the myriad of Ky-mani's influences. His new works will prove to be a blend of genres that will touch the inner-soul of each listener. The new project will prove to be a Purfek Storm!

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